Thursday, December 7, 2017

rug finish

I needed to bind my Halloween Greeting rug to finish hooking it. I wanted to try the Eaton edge. It is a nice finish for a rug and is found on you tube.
Instead of using rug tape, I decided to use a wool strip. I cut it 1 1/2 inches and joined them together with a bias seam.


I put it on the straight edge as if I was sewing right sides together with the seam away from the body of the rug. Next time, I will just put it wrong side down and stitch. Either way, I used a zipper foot.

Working from the wrong side I hooked a row all the way around as I would normally. getting  as close to the stitching as I could. I changed colors with the wool I thought I would reach to the edge. On the right side, the hooking appears to be much lower, but on the back when the wool is flipped to the back, it will give a cabled look to the edge.

Then I could turn it over to the right side and finish all the hooking to that edge.

I flipped the wool strip to the back and hand stitched it all the way around

I made a label...
And it was finished.
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