Thursday, January 4, 2018

another clue done

All of these are done for On ringo lake mystery quilt

And I had to try one...

Lynette asked how I had altered my quiltville mystery quilt expectations so that I had enjoyed it more this year.
I have worked on the older mysteries over the years after the fact. In other words, all the clues were available but the quilt was revealed. I enjoyed them so much better. I asked myself why. It wasn't that I needed to see the quilt first. It was that all the information about the colors was available at once. I could pick one scrap of a color, cut it till it was gone, pull another, cut until it was gone, etc. I didn't have to pull all the fabric I had in that color to be sure I had enough.

Bonnie is big on saying the more variety, the better. I have decided, I want to follow that idea to a point. I have been to several of her workshops, and I have seen many of her quilts made by others, and I have decided that there is a talent to what Bonnie does. She makes it seem like she is every woman and every quilter, but I don't think so. There is a talent to making a variety look good. I feel better about the variety in mine if variety is limited to just a few. And then there is SO much less mess and SO much less time.  There is still a place for scrappy pieces, but it is so much easier to use bigger chunks of fabric when cutting for a big quilt.

This year, I kept every clue in a separate container. I also hate having to sort through a big tub to get all of a piece, or thinking that I am short when a few pieces have migrated into other sections. I was afraid I would lose a whole container but so far, I haven't.

I enjoyed using starch on my fabric and feel like it helped me be more accurate with less effort. Another reason I prefer bigger chunks of fabric, it is easier to starch bigger pieces.

I also used other tools that I like better for different methods. I feel like I should be put in a corner for saying that I can't get the great results Bonnie does using her tools all the time. What kind of fan says that? I was really thrilled with the wing clipper for flying geese. But I am good on the essential triangle tool / easy angle for bigger triangles. And I like the square and rectangle method for for small sew and flip corners. I prefer the corner pop for bigger ones. I didn't get good results with the new simple folded corners ruler. Since it has to be tweaked for each change to the quarter inch seam, and I don't want anything called a booty ruler. But I love the accuquilt.

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  1. Your block is lovely. I've got everything ready for assembly--wish me luck! The layout is a bit complicated!

  2. You ended up with a beautiful block. I always use yardage for Bonnie's mystery and they usually turn out great. Bonnie provides the pattern, but I think she expects each of us to make it our own. I agree making a quilt 100% scrappy takes talent (and lots of fabrics in the right colors!).