Wednesday, January 10, 2018

ringo lake trim

oops -Something isn't right. I want the 1/4 inch edge where the flying geese meet with the shaded patch. Each of my flying geese were trimmed to size but I didn't trim the unit. On ringo lake seems to be taking forever to make 50 blocks.

Yep that is it. I evidently had a batch that was a little too big and was taking it out on the edge. silly goose.

I have tried to remember where I was on the patriotic boxy stars. I sewed 2 rows together to move it along. I have really been focusing on ringo lake and let it slip right out of my mind.

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  1. Hi Maggie,
    Oh, your colors in On Ringo are really coming together nicely! You never know with a mystery quilt . . . I am sure you're pleased! I don't recall seeing the boxy stars block before - I really had to study the picture to see the stars. My eyes see a flower shape first but now that I have seen the star I can't believe I missed the first time!! I love how that is coming together, too. It looks very close to being a complete flimsy. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Ringo Lake is the quilt that is teaching me (over and over) that I really do need to sliver trim.

  3. I hate it when that happens! Hope you were able to fix it somehow and it didn't slow down progress too much. Thanks for sharing today!

  4. Oh, no - I hate it when I mis-size my points like that, for whatever reason. It's easy to do! I'd be super tempted to just finish up and enjoy my wonky geese through the years.

  5. love seeing your projects and even your mistakes...
    we all make them!

    thanks too for linking up!

  6. On some quilts I would leave it and keep going. On others, I would get the ripper and fix. Like Brooke said,we all make mistakes. ;)

  7. I love your boxy stars. And we all have those oopses -- it's not a silly goose, it's a silly FLYING goose... ;-)

  8. It is hard to work on other projects since Ringo Lake does tend to be pretty demanding. It will eventually loosen its grip as you get more of the blocks done.

  9. Thanks for linking up! It sure is fun to see what everyone is working on. This is beautiful!