Tuesday, January 2, 2018


It is really hard to believe we have a new year. I am afraid the holidays were different knowing that we would be losing employment in the new year. We had a few bouts of colds and bugs, nothing too serious, just annoying. But, I am hopeful that there is a plan in there somewhere.

I have started spinning a bit. The plan was to have a project for those evenings when I am too tired to think and sew. There is something very relaxing about spinning wool. My hands are methodically and slowly drafting the wool in a dance like way. But the spinning wheel is the part that is going fast. I can be slow and deliberate and let the spinning wheel do the work. I have almost 2 pounds of this merino, romney mix. If I spin it thin enough, there should be enough for a shawl. It is an eggplant color.

Just for fun, I looked back to this time last year to see what I was blogging. I had trouble with bleeding quilts and I remind everyone that I have a link to a tutorial on bleeding quilts in my sidebar. My goal for last January was to finish my tumbler quilt, and realize we have had a whole year to snuggle and enjoy. I love quilting!

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  1. So nice to see the fleece and then the finished wool. I would so love to be able to spin.

  2. I am always fascinated by spinning. It's amazing to me how it goes from a pile of fleece into beautiful yarn. That color is gorgeous!

  3. It is amazing how different the wool looks after being spun, beautiful!