Friday, February 2, 2018

Friday finish

The sun was actually shining, so I took a couple pictures of the butterfly quilt I finished for my Granddaughter. It was a buggy barn stack and whack pattern, that I had as a workshop a few years ago. I didn't finish it because I was certain I had not done a very good job. But, when I added borders and quilted it, it was pretty square, and I had worried for no good reason. Now, I think it is great. I need to remember that every quilt is so much better after it is finished - it's magic!

I am trying to make more interesting labels for each of the Grandchildren quilts this year. I found a stationary printable with butterflies and printed it on ink jet fabric. I am so inspired by Kate's labels on her blog life in pieces that I wanted to try myself. Here she describes her method

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  1. That is the best label. And thanks for the link to Kate's method. An interesting read.

  2. It is funny how we doubt ourselves and then the quilt pulls through shining like a star.
    I had the same doubts on my mini piece on this linkup.

  3. I'm so glad you decided to finish your butterfly quilt. It's so bright, fun and pretty! I love those bright colors. I'm glad the label making tutorial was useful. The label turned out beautifully too.

  4. Those butterflies are beautiful! I think we always feel our quilts are less than perfect when we have our noses just inches from them, but once we finish them and stand back a bit we can enjoy them much more. I love the label too!

  5. What a sweet quilt! Nice job on the label. Thanks for the technique link!

  6. This is a really sweet quilt! I think it's so funny how many times I've stuffed a quilt project away in a box in utter frustration and disappointment in how yucky it's turning out, only to pull it out a long time later and find that A) It's not so hard to resolve its issue, and B) It's pretty. :D