Saturday, February 17, 2018

purple birch trees

I've added purple birch trees to my rainbow scrap challenges. I made 4 of them this month. I started this quilt as a rainbow project in January.

oops - I need to pay more attention to the up and down of each piece....

I am trying to be random with the slicing, but it seems that they are all the same anyway. One a little straighter, one leaning left, one leaning right. I guess there are only so many options.
I am making them about 12 inches for now, and will wait to trim them down when I am ready to piece the top.

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  1. What a lovely way to do the birches, using the Rainbow Scrap Challenge colors.

  2. I think they look Great! And trees can't lean too far or they fall over, so I think it's okay if they don't lean too far in your quilt!

  3. Your PURPLE additions are wonderful and I couldn't twll anything was the wrong direction on that block!!

  4. Great purple birch blocks. I might have to try one some day.

  5. You are going to have a very colorful forest when it's all finished.