Friday, March 2, 2018

Am I moving?

One thing great about traveling, is the time in the car to stitch or do any handwork. I have had a chance to work more on my snow days quilt. I took it and my featherweight with me to New York for an explorative trip. My husband has been offered a job in New York with GM, and if he doesn't take it, we have to sever employment with GM. We are too young to go on social security and too old to completely change our life. We are small town people with small town tastes. But we had to give it a try. We have less than a month before we would have to report for work in Buffalo. Very stressful.

 As I piece the quilt blocks, and put them together, I need to add additional stitching over the seams.

I am using tranfer eze for printing the stitching and then it adheres directly to the  fabric. It will rinse off with water.

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  1. Lovely! Good luck making your decision!

  2. The stitching is gorgeous. That's a hard decision to make. We moved to the Houston area many years ago and it was hard going from small town to such a large metro area. We are glad to be back in our small town community. But sometimes you just have to go where the job is. Good luck making your decision.

  3. I have a friend from Buffalo. She loves it there... in the summer!! Having a job is a good thing, but moving is a challenge. Best of luck on your decision!!

  4. What a nice project - I really love how the branches overlap the piecing. I've never used the tranfer eze. Do you put it right through the printer, or trace it out? - - What a difficult decision you guys have to make (or is it settled already?)