Wednesday, March 14, 2018

lazy sunday oops

My Goal for the month was to quilt Lazy Sunday. It was all pieced, and I all I would have to do was put it on the frame and quilt it. Easy win. I thought I had all month, and I could dawdle if I wanted.
First, there was no back or binding. ugh. I usually don't put a quilt away if that is not done.
Second, I put it on the frame and something didn't look right. hmmmm
It looks like I got 2 rows switched, but I can fix it by taking just the two main blocks and switching them.


yep, I have to take it apart and fix it. I just have to do it. sigh....

I am so glad I saw it before I quilted it. Sometimes, I don't see the mistakes until I am sleeping under them.

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  1. Yes, thank goodness you saw it before the quilting began. Maybe these issues were what made you put it away in the first place.

  2. Ughhh! How frustrating! Just when you get in the mood to do it, you are set back by a problem. I just know the feeling, but am so happy you are still focusing to get it done! Good for you!

  3. At least you caught it before you got it all quilted.