Friday, March 16, 2018

marie webster pieces

 I like the hand stitching part of this quilt, but not the sew the interfacing part. I am sure I could not do a very good job of applique without the quiltsmart, because I just don't have the experience and practice, but I do dread the sewing the pieces part.

Still, I have finished 3 blocks this month.

Here is my favorite little messy happy place near the tv where I am working on 3 different projects and somehow have them all right beside me.
 I have an American Beauty rose block I am hand stitching, under that is the rug ( uncle Sam's Hat ) I am hooking. I also have the lazy sunday quilt that I am rechecking for mistakes. There is barely  enough room for my feet.

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  1. That’s a beautiful rose block, great job!

  2. Creative clutter. It's the nature of our work!

  3. That's cool to use the interfacing... is there adhesive on the kind you are using? I always have used the sew in kind... but then I'd need to baste it onto the block.