Wednesday, April 11, 2018

finding the table

I have turned a corner on my Uncle Sam's Hat rug and started experimenting with the border.

I try to make at least one of these friendship stars each morning.

And I went from this mess

to this.

Now, if someone would just carry off the little piles and what nots that have accumulated on the cutting/storing table, I would be a happy girl. I still have a ways to go, but at least I can see lines. Which is your favorite size of rotary cutter? I had lost 3 of them in the chaos. I use both sizes.

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  1. thanks for the fun update on all your projects!
    congratulations on clearing off your cutting table...mine goes in phases...
    thanks too for linking up!

  2. And that mess is what happens when we are super involved in the quilt making process! Happened to me last week, but all cleaned up now to make way for another project.

  3. Great looking rug. Yes getting enough cleaned up so you can see the lines again. I am messy too.

  4. Congrats on all the progress on the rug hooking and on the sewing room reorganization.

  5. Hah! My cutting table is plagued by piles that grow in the night, too. I have three different size rotary cutters and I like different ones for different tasks: the big 60 mm for cutting through multiple fabric layers, and the 45 mm and the even smaller diameter (can't remember the exact size) for trimming paper piecing as I go along. The smallest one works best for cutting around curved acrylic templates, too, like for drunkard's path blocks.