Sunday, April 29, 2018

Stash report April 29, 2018

Our guild received word that there was an estate sale of a quilter that we were invited to attend. I am afraid I was a little late, some of the larger pieces of fabric was gone, but There were a few kits left.  as a scrappy quilter, this box was very intriguing. I think all the pieces are here with only a few sewn together  along with the pattern. Who wouldn't love a quilter who had left even the scraps in the box. I'm sure she was a treasure.

 And of course, the other fabric that noone wanted was..... Christmas fabric. Yep and I bought it. 40 yards for 30.00..... sigh... I know I am trying to reduce my tubs of Christmas. But there it was. All alone in a closet in a neat stack. I didn't know how much was there. So, there will be more Christmas quilts in my future. But that's it, no more ...really

It's time to reassess my goals for May and decide what great adventure I will have next month with fabric and thread.

I still need to finish stuff, I have a swap I want to go away soon. And my longarm needs to get busy again.
 Spring has not been very Springlike around here. It has been cold and rainy. I was afraid the magnolia would not bloom with the night temps in the 30s, but most of it is trying.  Grass is growing of course.

I have binding to do today for slow stitch Sunday. yay

Stash report

Fabric Used this Week 0 yards
Fabric Used year to Date: 211 1/4 yards

Fabric Added this Week: 40 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 110 3/4 yards

Net Fabric for 2018: 100 1/2 yards used more than purchased. 

I sewed at least 15 min 7 days this week. friendship stars swap

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  1. Lucky you to find the kits with the patterns. The pattern is sadly missing from most the orphans I adopt. I LOVE the Christmas fabric with the deer on it. That would have come home with me too.

  2. Hard to pass up that kind of fabric deal. Christmas quilts are fun to make, maybe you need to plan that as your family gifts for an upcoming Yule? Congrats on finding time to stitch this last week.

  3. I think you did great. I love and hate estate sales. LOL Some quilter is happy you took her stuff and will use it.

  4. Great deal on the Christmas fabric and those fabric pieces along with pattern is a real treasure, I don't think I could have passed them by either.

  5. Thoughtful that your guild was notified of the sale. Your purchase was well justified. No guilt. One cannot pass up a bargain. Enjoy.

  6. I try to stay away from estate sales. To tempting!

    Thanks for sharing your fabric deals with Oh Scrap!

  7. Oh man, I love that Christmas fabric stash. What a score!

  8. Who could pass up bargains like that? The deer fabric in the Christmas batch is adorable! I think you got some great buys. You use a lot, too, so it will all go.