Monday, May 7, 2018

quilt border fears

On Mondays, Jo of Jo's Country junction has a string challenge. She wants to finish all the string quilts in Bonnie Hunter's String fling book before her next book is published ( Dec 2018). I checked my quiltville projects to see if and what I wanted to do as part of the challenge. I decided to finish all the mystery quilts. I have them all started except maybe one ( orca bay). For May, I hope to finish 2 of them. This is double delight, and I have been working on the borders. I have become a little more comfortable in adding borders, although, I will still procrastinate some. This quilt has a fun four patch in the corners.

I had ordered this great vintage brown for the border.

  And they look fun together.

What are my greatest fears of adding borders?
1. That I will pin and sew and reach the end and find out that I ran out of bobbin thread - it happened.
2. That I will finish the quilt and have wavy borders. I am keeping my fingers crossed
3. That I will mis -measure and not have enough fabric after I have started sewing, or, a variation, that I will discover that I put the sides on the top or the top on the sides. no problem this time
4. That I will twist the border - nope
5. That I will lay it out finished and not like it. It will grow on me
6. That I will have spots I didn't catch in the seam -nope
and in this particular quilt
7. That I would turn the four patches the wrong way - It happened.
I checked and rechecked - wrong.  hmm... it doesn't look that bad. I shall call it a new variation.
I checked and rechecked to do it "wrong" on the second border, and I got it right sigh..... so now I have one set going the wrong way and one set going the right way. I have to fix one, it might as well be the "wrong" one and tada the borders are finished.

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  1. Borders can be very frustrating sometimes. Sounds like this set was a mix of good and bad.

  2. Maybe that's why I don't usually do borders.