Tuesday, May 8, 2018


I have accumulated a box of shirt scraps, mostly yokes and plackets from cutting them. I put them aside and fold the rest of the shirt pieces. I decided one evening, while watching TV with my hubby that I would just sit and cut them into useable pieces. Then, I decided I might as well cut for a quilt. And the mess began. 

I wanted to cut for rectangle wrangle from scraps and shirttails. I needed 480 2 1/2 x 10 inches rectangles. Doing it this way made sure that I was cutting a variety of shirt fabrics, but 480 was a lot more fabric than what I had in the box.

Rather than put it away, I planned on continuing to search for more and cut them the next night. and then the next etc. I was afraid if I put it all away, I would forget what I had been doing and lose the momentum.

But the mess was by my chair for longer than I care to admit. From the leftovers, I started cutting quarter square triangles for Hand me down also from scrap and shirttails. This was supposed to be while cleaning up the mess. but, it just made more mess. It seemed so innocent, but exploded. This is when I wish I were not a scrap quilter, and I just pitched this stuff like everyone else. But, then, watching TV would be boring.

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  1. Hi Maggie,
    Yup, those innocent project get you every time don't they?! Something like no good deed goes unpunished, too. I love this idea! Especially the rough size rectangles - but 480 - wowee. I have a bunch of scraps leftover from a t-shirt quilt. I am throwing them away. I am! I could make a couple of pillows from the shirts that would match the quilt . . . and the person would probably adore that. Geez. Innocent project #2,479. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. What an undertaking! I've made a few clothing quilts, and evening/TV time seems to be a good time to deconstruct clothing!

  3. You'll be glad you've got it all done now. Sewing will be so much fun if you've got all those pieces ready to go and that box of shirts if not gone, drastically reduced.

  4. Oh, those scraps look so pretty though! It's funny how when trying to get a project organized and prepped that it seems to make a bigger mess than intended!