Tuesday, May 1, 2018

time to finish a rug

My uncle sam's hat rug has reached the finishing stage. All the hooking is done, and I am really excited about finishing this rug. It is bigger than most of my rugs, but, it seemed to go very quickly. I didn't buy any wool for this rug, I was able to use what I already had on hand. The blues were a scrappy mix of dark blues.

I dyed the yarn for whipping the edges my self. I ordered 2 colors of blue dye because I wasn't sure which one I would want and I used them both. I used bright blue and navy. I wanted to get several variations in the color. Looking at the picture, they seem to be completely different, but they are much the same. I really don't like whipping the edges with yarn, but I think the colors will make it more fun.

and look what is on the longarm - Hippie baby is getting a turn.

Happy May day!

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