Thursday, June 7, 2018

Christmas Snowflake wings

I am working on cutting and sewing this Christmas quilt. I am planning on sharing as I go along.

 Here is a quick tutorial for foundation piecing. The wrong side of the fabric faces the wrong side of the paper.
It is a bit tricky placing the print triangle. I wish it was a bit bigger with more wiggle room.

With white fabric it has to be trimmed or the dark will show through the fabric.

In my quilt I am using the same fabric in rounds around the center of each block. So the block will take 4 of the same set. There are 64 sets of the wings to do for the quilt.

 I prefer to tear off the paper before I start any quilt assembly.

Intro/ templates

fabric requirements

cutting red and green fabric

cutting background

piecing the center


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