Wednesday, June 6, 2018

square dance clue 3 finish

I have been working on the mystery quilt from My Carolina Home. I have finished  clue 3 come down the middle. It was an easy clue, sewing rectangles together in 2 different combinations. I didn't take a picture of the print with a light set. After some of the mystery quilts I have done, this is really a pleasure.

My Clue 1
My Clue 2

With my hubby home, my Nellie longarm had a much needed spa day.

Now, she purrs. I am so grateful He has been able to do this. It has been a blessing all these years that He is very talented in this way.

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  1. Your Carolina Christmas really shines! Good luck with your June OMG (It's nice to have someone around who knows their way around a tool box and how to use the contents).

  2. How lucky you are to have a live in mechanic! I only wish I had the same! I need to turn my sewing machine in for a "spa" day, too.