Wednesday, July 18, 2018

wedding ring challenge

I am having trouble finding green beans to purchase from farmer's markets. But I did can the few I have found. The bunnies and other creatures eat mine as soon as they start to grow. My favorite sweet corn farmer has started selling, and I have a few put in the freezer. It's officially summer.

I am very excited to join a quilt a long with Jo of Jo's Country Junction. She is sewing her double wedding ring quilt in the june 2018 magazine.

Last week, we were to decide on the size, template, and fabrics. I spent the week scouring the internet for the best template ideas. And I couldn't decide. I have a template in my closet that I have had for awhile, that I could use, but it is bigger than Jo's, and I wondered if I would be disappointed if I did it bigger. The day she showed us the magazine her quilt was featured in, I went out and bought it. I can't find it. But, I am dragging two of my friends down this road with me, and they both have the magazine.

I waffled about the fabric to use. I really like Jo's but I also like the traditional colors. I have about 7-8 yards of this blue. So, now, the final decision. The template I already have and the fabric I already have. done. This will be fun, surely this is a quilt on every body's bucket list. It is on mine.

I have the top ready for borders from the mystery quilt at My Carolina Home. Taking the picture has helped me see the white checkerboard secondary pattern. I am not sure what I will do about borders.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I have talented friends

I have such talented friends. They keep me inspired and feeling very blessed. Linda has a generous heart and makes many of her quilts for donations. She is in charge of our donation projects in our guild. This, she is making for the veteran's home.

Sue has an angel's heart. She has been working on wild and goosey for awhile, and this was her last block, not an easy task.

And this is for the veteran's home made from leftover star blocks.

My rug hooking friends are amazing. Carmen's hooking is even and crisp and clean, and her colors are beautiful.

Jan has a finish. She is prolific, and we are all amazed at how many rugs she completes in a year.

And, the hooking is all done for my flower. It is time to get it bound.

I've started a new rug. Not a good picture, but, it's big so there will be a lot of pictures later.
Today is my play day. Rug hooking guild will meet in the morning and our small quilt group will meet in the evening. Fun fun

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Monday, July 16, 2018

roll roll oops

I was so thrilled to get this far on assembling roll roll cotton boll and, then, to discover something is wrong. hmmm
The middle row is backwards or upside down. bummer... On point settings are always challenging for me.

I do not want to take a whole row off.

I realized I didn't have to take the whole row off and turn it, I just need to take the ends off and switch them. That's not so bad.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

stash report July 15, 2018

One of the stashes I need help corralling, is finished quilts. I want to be able to see them without worrying if they are ok. I have been keeping them in a big pile in the corner of my bedroom.
So, when I found this curio cabinet at Goodwill, I was thrilled. It works just like I want it to work in my space. Truth be told, I might need many of them.

Many Sundays, I enjoy spinning and making yarn. I started the year with a 2 pound batch of dyed roving, and officially, it is now, all spun. There should be enough yarn to make a sweater. But I haven't planned that yet.

I had a chance to dig out blocks for glitter quilt, and I started putting them into pairs. It was so fun to see them again.

And for slow and steady stitching today, I have a binding to hand sew. I look forward to that.

Stash report

Fabric Used this Week 8 yards baby jax
Fabric Used year to Date: 290 yards

Fabric Added this Week: 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 138 1/4 yards

Net Fabric for 2018: 151 3/4 yards used more than purchased. 

I sewed at least 15 min every day this week.

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

tokoyo subway quilt and red

This week I worked on Tokoyo subway quilt as part of the rainbow scrap challenge. Each month, I add a new color to the quilt. I am using an iron -on 2 inch grid interfacing. I add the squares, but can't really sew it together until all the colors are added.

This month was the first time, I had a block that was complete.

And, I actually had 2. I debated about whether I should sew it now or wait for all the blocks to be finished.

I couldn't wait.. It was a piece of cake to fold over and sew each row. After I sew all the vertical rows, I clipped at each intersection to sew the horizontal rows.

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Friday, July 13, 2018

baby jax

I have a finish- baby jax. I bought this as a kit. I really liked the floral and the colors of pink and gray. I quilted an allover butterfly with ash gray thread.

This opened the longarm for another quilt. I have a big pile that needs to be done. I have had this one ready for a couple of years. It is a postcard pattern using a jelly roll called wistful.

just getting started and adding the binding as I go.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

goals for the quarter

I have some goals that I haven't really set a time limit, and I think that would make it easier to accomplish. I am joining the third quarter goals to become more accountable, and a quarter goal seems just right for these projects, since I am working them in around my monthly goals. She can quilt is hosting a finish along  that will help motivate me.

I finished the hooking on the victoria ann rug, and I really hate the whole finishing thing. I have 8 hooked pieces that I just don't finish for that reason.

1. My sewing machine is straight stitch only, so I need to dig out a zigzag machine and zigzag the edges an inch from the hooking and trim.
2. roll the edge around a cord and baste into place.
3. decide on a yarn -or dye it if I can't find it.
4. hand sew the yarn around the edges
5. clean and press
6. stand back and admire

I am trying to finish all the quiltville mystery quilts as part of a challenge at Jo's country junction. I am working on Roll roll cotton boll. I have all the rows pieced.

1. press
2. begin assembling rows with an on point setting. Press
3. measure and cut, sew inner border
4. measure and cut, sew outer border
5. prepare for quilting
maybe quilt and bind

I have last year's rainbow scrap challenge quilt that no longer falls into the goals for this year's challenge, but I still want to finish it before it falls off the radar and into the black hole.

1. piece the HST border, press
2. measure and cut the inner border
3. measure and cut the HST border
4. decide about any other border
5. prepare for quilting
maybe quilt and bind.

And Jo's country junction is hosting a double wedding ring QAL that I really want to join, but, can I?

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A new challenge

I've been a Bonnie of Quiltville  fan for many years, and have participated in the leader/ender challenge every year. She has announced a new challenge for the coming year. I have no real opinion of the block itself. It looks doable. But, more importantly, I had most of the units already in my scrap user's system.

I had 300 of the 2 inch 4 patches in a drawer. I need 280.

I had almost 60 pairs of 3 1/2 inch HSTs in a drawer. I need 140. So, I can start putting blocks together and cut a few more triangles and I am all set. And I use up little bits I have been saving for just this opportunity.

While I was cutting 3 1/2 inch strips, I remembered I wanted to cut blue strips for Pinwheel fancy.

Also A bonnie pattern from her book Addicted to scraps. It occurred to me that I might also have the 2 inch HST for this quilt. I had all but 30. I saved these as bonus triangles from another quilt. I still have a lot of cutting to do, but this moves me along.

If I hadn't been cleaning up the studio, I wouldn't have remembered I had the pieces to use them. Win -  win.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

almost finished

I am excited- I only have this little bit left to finish on my rug. I am thinking after my rug hooking meeting today, I will be able to start the finishing.
And that means, I can start the dreaming of the next rug. Such fun!

I am still working on little piles of scraps hanging around my work area. These are pieces that I cut from and didn't need all of it.

So I cut triangles and put them away for later.

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Monday, July 9, 2018

how we roll

As I was going outside to photo roll roll, I noticed the mandevella was really blooming.

Assembly of the rows has begun for roll roll cotton boll. I am so glad that there are not many seams to match, but it is always a challenge to get the direction on the corner setting triangle correct.

I am loving it already. But, here is the thing, I can not dredge up a single memory of sewing the blocks together. With all the triangles, there should be some memory. But, no. funny. Maybe, I did it in my sleep.

I am joining Jo's string challenge. My challenge is to finish all the Quiltville mystery quilts before the next one comes out in November. This time it is also a string quilt too.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

soul searching in red

A new month and a new color for the rainbow scrap challenge. Can you guess?

While I was waiting for the new color, I put a row together of soul searching. These blocks are big 20 x 24 inches, so three will make a good size row.
There is something magical about this pattern. The cutting sizes are easy to remember and go quickly. And then the block is in 4 parts. And when the 4 parts go together, it is so fun. Almost a surprise. While I am sewing this block, I keep imagining and wanting to make other quilts from it. And then, doing it one color a month is such a treat. Maybe, I will make one every year for the rainbow scrap challenge. Well now, I am sure getting ahead of myself.

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Friday, July 6, 2018

square dance assembly

I have been working on the mystery quilt from My Carolina Home. I am assembling the blocks as per the final clue. It is a fun quilt and was very easy to keep up with the clues.

I found this little catch all of scrappy bits next to the cutting table, and needed to sort and decide what to do with them.

There was an assortment of odds and ends that I either trashed or put where they belonged. I am still trying to find a low level of clean somewhere. What do you do with all the leftover pieces? obviously, I don't want to make the decisions about it when I come across the pieces, so I throw them in a container.

My Carolina Home

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