Thursday, July 26, 2018

rug hooking

 I am so glad this rug is finished. I was a little intimidated with the shading.

I've started a new rug, a collection of Cleveland highlights. This was a free rug pattern for attending the association of traditional rug hooking artists biennial in Cleveland last October. The next event will be in Denver Colorado in 2019. I hope to go. The big brown thing is a guitar for the rock and roll music hall of fame. I have dug through my wool to find the blue sky and the blue water which is the biggest part of the rug, so I am good to go.

My hubby has a finish as well. This was a class he took at Sauder village last year? from Donna Hrkman ( really spelled that way). He salvaged scrap metal pieces from the trash at work. very fun! The yarn he used to bind the rug, he spun himself a few years ago. He considers this a man rug with man colors.

One quilty picture

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