Saturday, July 14, 2018

tokoyo subway quilt and red

This week I worked on Tokoyo subway quilt as part of the rainbow scrap challenge. Each month, I add a new color to the quilt. I am using an iron -on 2 inch grid interfacing. I add the squares, but can't really sew it together until all the colors are added.

This month was the first time, I had a block that was complete.

And, I actually had 2. I debated about whether I should sew it now or wait for all the blocks to be finished.

I couldn't wait.. It was a piece of cake to fold over and sew each row. After I sew all the vertical rows, I clipped at each intersection to sew the horizontal rows.

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  1. I have this pattern. I love that it includes multiple sizes. I’m wondering which size you are making?

  2. I would be excited to start sewing the blocks together, too - just to see what was going to happen! Looks they went together really well!

  3. Great pattern! Love the blocks sewn, it's going to be a beautiful Subway!

  4. Very cool! You end up with some very sharp corners that way.

  5. Congratulations on your Tokyo subway quilt. It will look outstanding when you finish.

  6. Does the interfacing play nicely with the longarmer? I haven't tried a project like this yet as to fear it might gum up my longarm needle and constantly break the thread while sewing. If you are using a domestic machine to quilt it, I don't think it would matter. Just wondering...

  7. LOL!! I'm not surprised that you couldn't wait to sew up those full-color blocks. What fun!!