Thursday, August 23, 2018

catch up

In our Friday group, we have the chairman of our guild's charity quilt program. We are all inspired by her willingness to share. This was recently made by one of our members for the police program. Boy quilts are always on short supply. In Indiana the colts are boss.

This is a donation quilt for the women's shelter. that I am quilting for a friend.

This is a part of our sew along for Jen Kingwell's drops of jupiter. These blocks were made by Linda.

I have all the pieces sewn for the Quiltville leader and ender challenge. I have made 7 blocks, but I have decided to put it away for awhile, as I have the double wedding ring quilt to use as leader and enders. I am afraid I have too many projects started and, I am overwhelmed with keeping track of the next steps. That is, usually, the clue it is time to pare back what I am working on, and make a couple projects the priority. I try to keep my eye focused on the one monthly goals and the rainbow challenges.

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  1. I've been cleaning up my sewing area and organizing projects, and I keep getting distracted and want to start something new (or go back to an old project that seems fun again!). Like you, I need to pare down to be most successful, but it's hard sometimes!

  2. I've been contemplging doing that leader and ender but so far I'm not sold on it (hubby didn't like the picture I showed him of it).. but anything I've made Bonnie Hunter turns out fabulous in the end. Congrats on getting a good start on it. I get needing to put it away and focus on something, I often need to do that too!

  3. You've been moving right along on so many projects. But it does get to the point that it's hard to move any one project along because they all start competing with each other. Good luck moving along the couple that you've decided to stick with for now.