Monday, August 20, 2018

getting started with orca bay quilt

Roll roll Cotton boll is in the quilting cue waiting it's turn. And as much as I would like to completely finish it before starting the next quiltville mystery quilt, it could be awhile. So, I began planning orca bay. I was sure I had the string parts finished, but I can't find them anywhere or any mention of them in my master lists. I don't know how I missed this mystery quilt. I've done parts of all the others. Oh well. Time to start at the beginning. I was just going to cut the foundation papers and be very happy with my progress.

But, then, I wondered, do I really have any blue strips in the strip bin. um not very many, and the next thing I know, I am having a gay ole time digging in the strip bins ( yes more than one).

And the next thing was to see how a few blocks will look. - cute

And, by the time TV time was over, I had 29 finished. The hardest part was finding the blue strips.

I would have preferred to make this quilt mystery style, finishing every clue, but, it is in Quiltville book string fling. find it here at quiltville

I am enjoying my mystery quilt challenge in conjunction with Jo's string challenge here, I have created a page for my challenge here.


  1. I love seeing a pile of scrap pieces. I want to dig in and play with them!

  2. Looks like lots of fun. I presume you know that Bonnie's next book is going to be another string quilt one. Keep going on Orca Bay ... it's a beauty!

  3. Looks like you definitely found some blue strings in your stash! When you make progress, you really make progress.