Thursday, August 16, 2018

glitter blocks

I mentioned last week that I had just a few more glitter blocks to finish before I could start assembling the quilt. I made an effort to cut the background pieces for the rest of the blocks and set them by my machine. I try to sew one every day.

I think these last ones have been the hardest, because, I didn't have any idea what to use as the background, so I just picked something, telling myself that if I don't like them, it won't matter in the big quilt. There are so many odd fabrics and combinations already, it just won't matter.

And a text this week from my oldest son of his youngest was so funny.  I have many, many pictures of my own of my son enjoying the same game. Michael was especially fond of the jello boxes. It is so much more enjoyable when it is a Grandchild.:)

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  1. I like the bold scrappy palette of your Glitter quilt.

  2. You picked some fun combos for those glitter blocks. Oh the pull it all out of the cabinet game, I remember that one. Except our little one decided that the pots made great drums.