Monday, August 27, 2018

mystery strings

I've trimmed a few and de-papered a few blue string blocks for Orca Bay mystery quilt.

I just can't like string piecing. I try.  But, I don't enjoy string piecing. While I am sewing these, I am planning how I will just take my tub and dump it into the trash.
I need to remember, I don't like a foundations this small -31/2 inch square. I don't like the triangle corners - I have to really hunt for pieces that are big enough. I don't like having one color I have to sort and find. I don't like the explosion of mess.

But, I enjoy the finished product. I enjoy using the leftover bits. Then, I remind myself,  I do like crumb piecing aka mile a minute piecing, and all these leftovers will be used in that way. I have an entire list of crumb quilts, I still want to make on my inspiration board.

I saw this recently, and I liked it.... I found it here on kit & cat quilts with a tutorial. nice

I really like the tulip quilt that Jo is showing today and I can't imagine it with any other background than the strings, so, maybe, I still have one more in my future. Jo is trying to finish all the quilts in quiltville's string fling book before the new book is published. I am trying to finish all the mystery quilts as part of that challenge before the new mystery in November, so I am going to keep going.

boms away 
Oh scrap


  1. I agree. I dont like string piecing either. Why did through the trash when I have enough 1.5" strips that will work nicely.

  2. How often do we get frustrated from our quilting adventures?! It's made twice as bad when we are not really into the technique! And it's often very hard to remind ourself to keep'll all be worth it in the end!!

  3. Wonderful blocks! It is a big job sewing this tiny blocks, but the finish will definitely be great. :-)

  4. It's interesting that you don't like string piecing but you love the crumb piecing. They're about the same category in my studio. Hang in there. Orca Bay is looking great!!!

  5. I am so over quilting! Can't get my mojo back!

  6. So many challenges .... so little time. Lol! I'm looking forward to Bonnie's new book too although I've never string-pieced. I have been saving my scraps & strings though! That tulip quilt is gorgeous!

  7. You've made a lot progress with all those string blocks. Just think of all the scraps you are using up.

  8. Thank you for your inspiration and link to the Show and Tell Monday !! Bambi