Thursday, August 2, 2018

P Buckley Moss fabric

My husband surprised me with this fabric. I am a big fan of P Buckley Moss. And I squeeled when I saw that she had designed fabric. Hubby looked it up and ordered it for me.

 This was an anniversary present many years ago.

I crossed stitch this in 1988 as I was pregnant for our 4th.

I met her in the 90s when she came to Kokomo Indiana for a gallery signing. She had painted our Seiberling mansion. She must be in her 80s by now.

My Mother won this when the moss gallery opened in St Petersburg Florida and gave it to me.

So I am thrilled to have a fabric from her designs and was very surprised by the gift.

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  1. You definitely have a guy who knows how to buy anniversary gifts. Oh and congrats on your anniversary. Any plans for your gift yet?