Tuesday, September 25, 2018

crazy template

I have several blocks finished for the oriental pinwheel quilt using the scrap crazy 6 templates. I was able to see them together and see what secondary pattern it will make.

I might like it better with sashing....

When I have enough blocks, I want to see if I like it on point. These colors are not my usual pick, but I like using something I might not use otherwise. How I started this quilt is here and here. which do you like?

On another dig through old stuff, I found a stack of books I don't remember. ahem . I want to go through them and decide if they are worth keeping. The problem with that, is that every time I do that over the years, I like something other than the ones I had previously marked. If my preferences change over time, maybe the inspiration never does.

All the quilts are nice enough, but just not what I want right now. I bet I bought the book for the top right and bottom right quilts.

But, now, I really like this one. I will probably never get around to making it, but I am keeping the book and I took pictures to remind me that I like it.

Do you hang on to books and magazines?

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  1. I love quilting books and some day do plan to actually use a few of them!