Monday, September 17, 2018

piecing orca bay

The string blocks are finished for Quiltville mystery quilt Orca Bay, so it is time to move on to the pieced blocks. It looks like they are mostly ohio star blocks with alternating black and white corners and a red center. I have an accuquilt die for the quarter square triangles which makes it easier to cut. I need a massive amount. No matter how hard I tried, the little pieces just wouldn't come out in an orderly way.

They are only 1 1/2 inch and fiddley.

The hourglass block is 2 1/2 inches and, oh, so cute. I need almost 250 of them. My plan is to make 10 every morning for sure, as well as the double wedding ring, before breakfast and then, if I get time during the day that will be a bonus. It will be slow but steady. If I don't make a time, I won't get to it.

I have the first 10 finished.

Jo of Jo's country junction is trying to finish all the quilts in quiltville's string fling book before the new book is published. I am trying to finish all the mystery quilts as part of that challenge before the new mystery in November. My challenge finishes here

boms away 
Oh scrap


  1. Great plan. The salami method works great especially with piecing. Cut the project into workable sections and proceed.

  2. Three years ago my dear friend lost her battle to recurring breast cancer—at 53! I promised to finish what I could of her 53 UFOs, between two of us we completed four of her quilts for her Celebration of Life a few months after her passing. Orca Bay was the last to finish—and our favourite. She had several of Bonnie’s mysteries on the go, and many other items, too. Hopefully whichever of her children received it loves it as much as we did; she had coral and deep tea accents. It was stupendous! Jill in Calgary/Phoenix.

  3. Sounds like a good plan. Bonnie seems to specialize in those small blocks to make larger blocks. I'm still working on all those flying geese for On Ringo Lake.

  4. I am working on finishing a lot of ufos too. I think I have one B. Hunter one in the pile. Good job on setting a daily goal - a bite of the elephant every day!

  5. I always LOVE seeing someone work on an Orca Bay, as I've kept the files all these years since it came out so that I could make it, as well. BH quilts are perfect for long-term plans of chunk sewing X-number of minutes per day. It will one day magically emerge and you'll love it so much!!!