Friday, September 21, 2018

stitching hexagons

Last week I decided to"finish" Mrs. holder's hexagon quilt. I spent the week cutting, glue basting, and adding the red and neutral row around the quilt. There were 54 hexagons in that ring. I certainly have rebuilt my calluses for hand stitching. This is the last ring before I start to turn it into a rectangle.

I saw a blurb somewhere about making bread machine bread mixes ahead of time, and I wanted to try that. Sometimes, just the idea of getting everything out of the cupboard to load the machine is enough to deter making bread. But, hubby really likes raisin bread in the morning, so I made a few ahead. I also made a few honey oat mixes. I am pretty sure the days of making it from scratch and hand kneading it are forever gone. I am happy enough using the bread machine. I want to try making a few pizza dough mixes too.

This is an awesome finish last week at Friday group. all the rows are patterns from Jen Kingwell, but the row by row was her idea.

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  1. Hexies do take work and I hear you on the calluses!! What a great idea about the bread mix! It has to make a world of difference and save a lot of time!

  2. Love your hexie project. Looks like a finish there soon. I'm lucky My Guy likes to make bread as his relaxation on the weekend.

  3. Love the hexies! Thanks for linking up with TGIFF!

  4. Hexies always make my heart sing. There is nothing quite like the slow stitching of a hexie project. Yours is looking wonderful.