Tuesday, September 18, 2018

template experiment

Last week I took my scrap crazy 6 template out of the package to see what I can do with it. I cut some of the fabric that I had set aside for a bog coat, since, I had decided not to make a bog coat. I thought the cutting was easy and each piece is shaped so that they fit together really well.

What I hadn't considered when I was cutting this was the idea of mirror image cutting. I had wrong sides together so that All the pieces were not facing the same direction.

It's hard to see much difference but it will show up when putting the blocks together. I am going with the idea that, at least, if I consistently cut them the same - then the blocks will be consistently wrong.
I like the parts I decided to highlight.
I will know better when I get several blocks together.

Tomorrow I will have cataract surgery. Yes, I am a little anxious. And I don't know how much time I will need to get back into THE groove.

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  1. I have a crazy 6 template too. I've never done a thing with it. Both my parents had cataract surgery. They were so thankful they did, their sight was so much better afterwards.

  2. Good luck with your surgery! I hope it will make quilting that much easier for you.

  3. I ran into the same mis-match issue when I made Celtic Solstice. They all look the same, why should the sides make so much difference? Eek! lol

  4. Those fabrics look wonderful together! Hope your surgery goes well and you are back into the groove of things before too long.

  5. I'm praying your surgery goes well today. Just yesterday I met with 2 friends, one who had cataract surgery and is so glad she did, and the other is facing the surgery soon.
    Your mirror blocks look like a 'happy mistake' to me. Love the pinwheel affect and I would not have thought of that design with the Crazy6 templates.

  6. Beautiful block and what a neat design! Best of luck on your surgery.