Wednesday, September 26, 2018

wedding ring row

miles and miles of twosies for the double wedding ring quilt. This a really great quilt along with Jo Kramer of Jo's Country junction.  I am so glad I used her color ideas.

And this is where I am. I can see the bottom

From last week - no bottom

It was time to try rows - hooray - it looks like a row - short but it looks like a row. magical My quilt will be 7 x7. It seems odd to say I can assemble the rows when all the arcs aren't all sewn together.

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midweek makers

Jo's Country Junction UFO
Bee Social
Silly Mama WIP

Oh Scrap


  1. Your rows are looking very nice. You are going to have a beautiful quilt.

  2. Ahhh. I love it when I can see the bottom!

  3. Morning from Down Under my goodness your wedding quilt Stunning and what a beautiful quilt it will be. I visited Jo to see what you were talking about and you just made my day, as I have a pile of 1930' wedding ring pieces and blocks Ive been unpicking and recutting as they were giant volcanoes at the points where they had been trying to join them. I bought them online 12 years ago, now joining them will be sooo much easier. Now I just want to pull them out and start sewing them again. Cheers Glenda

  4. Popping over from Jo's to check out your awesome quilt! You are rocking it!!!

  5. Wow! You are making such good progress on this! I'm still in love with your dark blue background - it's a nice change.

  6. You are making good progress. The rings look like little jewels against that dark background.