Saturday, October 6, 2018

rainbow catch up

I rescued last week's mistake blocks for squared away and finished them. I was really challenged by the triangles.

The only color I have left on the tokoyo subway quilt is gray, so I am just going to start with block 1 and move through them finishing them. I have one and two ready to sew. When I sew all the rows in one direction, I have to clip each intersection to sew the other direction.

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  1. Your blue blocks are nice and I really want to watch your progress on the Tokyo Subway quilt!

  2. I think your blue Squared Away blocks look great! Glad you got them all rescued. Does the interfacing stay on the back of your subway blocks inside the quilt? I've seen blocks made that way before, but never knew what the final result was!

  3. Love the way you're going about this quilt.

  4. Your crowns came out great! I have 2 cut out waiting to get sewn still...