Thursday, October 11, 2018

rug hooking water

I try to sit and work a little on a rug every day. And right now on my frame is the Cleveland rug. Some days I barely get a couple of strips in, but other days, I get to play  a little longer. of course, I enjoy it, but it feels good to play with color and to go slow.
It was time to add the blue of lake Erie before I move it on the frame. There was no planned shading, just grabbing a strip of wool and hooking it. The variations are from the colors of the wool itself, but I like the happy surprises. I dyed the wool myself intentionally making it mottled, so I could have the little surprises.

This is a beautiful project that Beth is working. The linen has been hand dyed so that it doesn't have to be hooked with wool strips.  And the colors are beautiful on the linen.

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  1. would love to have a rug project sitting by my chair for a bit of work each day. You have a great system.