Thursday, October 25, 2018

rug hooking water

I am back to hooking the lake in my Cleveland rug. I hooked more water here. Oh there will be more, I have the whole Lake Erie to hook. haha. But, I focus on one section at a time.

I started with a plain blue and a dark blue and then I married them together, being careful to scrunch up the light blue so that it would be mottled. The second piece is the color I wanted. I used that to hook Lake Erie. To get a random look, I hooked from a pile of the blue strips mixed. Sometimes it is easier to hook with the strips all lined up in a bundle, but not for the random hooking.

I have blocks 8 and 9 sewn for tokoyo subway quilt

And I have cut out another scrappy quilt I will call scrappy pinwheels.

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  1. You've been making good progress on all your projects. Looking forward to seeing how your newest project comes together.