Friday, November 9, 2018


 For my Friday finish project, I am working on an old ufo. I had bought 10 fish jar blocks from ebay when the jar quilts were a trend. I didn't think about how hard 10 blocks would be to set in a quilt. It has plagued me every time I have decided to work on it. There were solutions, of course, but I didn't realize I would be ocd enough to want 12 blocks to match. sigh.. But, I have a plan. In an old 2005 magazine, I saw this quilt.. I didn't like the quilt, but I liked the fish idea.

And why was I looking at a 2005 old magazine?. I decided it was time to go through old magazines and get rid of any that I didn't find anything I wanted to make in it. 
Rule 1. There had to be 3 projects to keep the magazine.
Rule 2. If there was less than 3, I would tear it out and keep it in a file.

After this discovery, I quit looking through magazines. because, I checked any pages that were bookmarked in a magazine, and 70% I didn't want to make anymore. But there were others that I liked that I hadn't liked before. Which, I concluded, meant that every quilt might be relevant and just depends on the age and experience of the day I look. sigh.. No wonder I am a hoarder.

Back to the fish,  I decided two fish blocks would be great for the two missing blocks, even if they were paper pieced

and fiddley

If I can't have matching blocks, it is best to do completely different. I have not done a two part paper piecing before. But, it worked great. I can't say I didn't have trouble with the angles. But, it is cute.


I think I can finish this now, and it might be perfect for one of my Grandsons. Why I decided to have a finish quilt to work on here.

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  1. Love that fish block and the setting. Looking forward to the finished fish quilt. I like your magazine rule. My tastes and interests have changed so much over the years - I need to clean out the magazines and books to make room for more :-)
    Thank you for linking with TGIFF at

  2. Your fish look great !
    I went through my magazines, throwing out alot and now wonder why, because my tastes have changed over the years !
    It is a tricky situation !