Friday, November 23, 2018

good fortune

We spent a Thanksgiving without family this year. It was hard for me. I must have telegraphed that to a friend, who invited hubby and I for an evening meal with their family. It was fun catching up with her children and grandchildren. We hadn't seen them in a few years. I am always surprised when other's children grow up so fast. The food was sooo good. I think she served every Thanksgiving food wish I could have had. All to often, I think, we keep to our families at Thanksgiving. Maybe, I am at an age where I need to branch out with others over the holidays. So, the need to cook was strong and I made noodles. I had the day off and I still wanted to make noodles.

Today is the first clue for the new Quiltville mystery quilt - Good Fortune. I had pulled my fabric earlier.

Here is a link to the first clue at quiltville.
She started with 4 patches, which should be easy. According to my calculations, I will need 9 strips of red and 9 strips of neutral.

Update: That is only half of the 4 patch so I need 18 strips of each

I am rather disappointed about her new book release, I'm sure it works for her, but, by the time I was there, the first 500 were sold out. I tried for a long time, once, to order a ruler she kept selling out, three months later, I gave up. Well, it saves me money. I am not working that hard to buy her book.

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  1. Sorry you didn't get to see family this year, but it's good you got to celebrate with another family. When we lived in Texas, we couldn't come home for Thanksgiving and Christmas both, so we would do Thanksgiving with people from work. I'm hoping to make a start on my 4 patches tomorrow, we are still hosting family today.