Monday, November 19, 2018

seeing red

I am feeling red today. It is cranberry season somewhere. I saw them on sale and decided to can some juice. I had never cooked cranberries before, and the instructions said to boil them until the skins burst. They actually burst with a pop that I could hear. too funny.

I made 6 quarts of juice. And thought I would try relish. I am not sure if I will like it cooked, but I make my relish by using a food processor. I use a bag of cranberries and a whole orange peel and all. I water bathed them and they were pretty in the jars.

I sliced the red strip pieced squares to prepare the sashing units for Orca bay mystery quilt. I am guessing while everyone is making the new mystery quilt. I will be building sashing for orca bay.

Jo of Jo's country junction is trying to finish all the quilts in quiltville's string fling book before the new book is published. I am trying to finish all the mystery quilts as part of that challenge before the new mystery in November. My challenge finishes are here.

boms away 

Oh scrap


  1. Hi Maggie! That's a whole lot of red going on in this post!! I l.o.v.e. cranberries, and with orange/orange zest - yum-o! I add strawberries to my cranberries for Thanksgiving with a little orange thrown in. Delicious with turkey. I'll bet you will love the relish, too. Happy Monday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I love your reds. Your Orca Bay will be gorgeous.

  3. Thank you for your inspiration you give us on Show and Tell Monday !! Bambi

  4. Cranberries are so pretty, love that red. Good luck with the sashing for Orca Bay. Are you going to do this year's mystery?

  5. I admire your dedication to Orca Bay. I believe I'm on board for Good Fortune. We'll have to just wait and see!