Tuesday, November 6, 2018

template twirls

I had a quilt that I had seen online that I wanted to see if I could use the scrap crazy 6 templates to make. I really like the way this has black pinwheels.

I guess what I am trying to understand is how to do it like the quilt I found online with a square in the center of scraps. Mine has another pinwheel. Which I like, but wonder why it isn't the same. I am sure I will hang my head when I find the easy solution.

 How I started this quilt is here and here and here. and here and here and here and here

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  1. The black really does work well with the scrappy design.

  2. The quilt you like looks like the block is made with a half square of crumbs and the other half square has a white piece sewn to the scraps followed by the black piece. Your blocks have black touching your crumbs and black doesn't touch the crumbs at all in the other version. Clear as mud, right ;-D

  3. I do love how fun these blocks are! I'm sorry I'm not much help in figuring out how to do it like the quilt you found. That bottom block looks like it might be right, once the seams are all sewn together? And then the black/white pinwheels come out as the secondary pattern? I'm not sure, but I love how it's looking now!

  4. I like your quilt a lot - great use of scraps and that template set!