Saturday, December 8, 2018

friday quilt group

Yesterday was Friday group, and I had a chance to build the borders for my fishy quilt. I couldn't get them attached since I decided I wanted another blue border first, and I hadn't brought the material. I also worked on real bias binding for the older quilt I am finishing for a long arm customer here.

Sue was working on her drops of jupiter quilt

and had finished her fall wall hanging. She had it done in time, but we wanted to see it.

Linda has the top done for her drops of jupiter quilt. And I have ... cut pieces on mine.

I am linking:


  1. I love borders for your fishy quilt - such a fun idea!

  2. I love the fish border. Way too cute. Have fun getting it finished off. Words really do make a quilt special.

  3. Awesome letter blocks for the border of your fish quilt!!!

  4. I LOVE the fishy quilt! The border is perfect. The truckload of pumpkins is very cute as well. Whohoo!