Saturday, December 29, 2018

row by row

I've enjoyed the end of the year for cleaning up odds and ends of projects and their respective piles.
It seems I am a stuffer. When I get to a certain point in quilt making, I stuff the odds and parts somewhere. As the stacks grow taller, I get a little bit crazier.
I have been unstuffing, slowly and without pressure.
I have moved 3 quilts through borders, backing and binding to the quilt closet including soul searching.a rainbow scrap challenge quilt.

I have started assembling rows of the birch trees quilt. I finished all the blocks during the year as part of the rainbow scrap challenge. I am glad we have the last two months of the year for finishing our rsc quilts. But, I am a little lost. I have all these ideas for next year, and I NEED a color. I want to start right now, not next week. Now...

I guess I will just go clean something. sigh....

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  1. Your birch trees look great! I'm in that mood, too - give me a new color to sew with!

  2. SEW glad to see you are sorting out your sewing space. I really need to do the same! Next week will be here before we know it. I am ready for a new set of colors... even if we have to wait to get them one color at a time! The wait won't be long. Until then... Happy cleaning!

  3. You made me smile this morning... I am the same!

  4. one thing you can do while waiting for a new color is to take those scraps that don’t fit neatly into a single color theme (I call them multi’s) and cut them into strings. I probably have enough now to make four string projects! I LOVE your Birch Trees. I did one a couple years ago, but seeing yours with assorted backgrounds makes me want to do another!! Lovely work!

  5. The Birch Tree Quilt is going to be gorgeous! I'm ready to start sewing colorful scraps again, so looking forward to another year of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

  6. Organizing is always a great way to use up energy. If you wanted to organize your scraps first, that might not be a bad idea......

  7. I feel the same, wanting a color to start. Soon enough, I hope!