Sunday, December 30, 2018

stash report December 30, 2018

I found a purple bundle at the thrift store. I can always use purple. It is one of the colors that I just don't have many in my stash.

 I would be foolish to think that I would be able to avoid purchases all year.  I am just not sure what would be a reasonable goal. I really like fabric and especially scraps. To me, scraps are little presents of surprises. My friend and I were talking at Friday group - she says she will limit her purchases to just what she needs for finishing a project - and then her phone rang, and it was someone wanting get rid of scraps. She suggested bagging it and bringing it to the guild free table. We laughed at the irony of timing. We were silent for a few minutes and then I mentioned, I hadn't prepared to avoid that temptation. She said she was wondering what great stuff might be in the bags. Ha ha.
Maybe it's hopeless and we should just embrace our inner fabric hoarder. And I hope my Missouri star order comes before I have to count it next year.

stash report

Fabric Used this Week 1/2 yard
Fabric Used or gone from house year to Date: 779 yards  * 400 donated = 379.00 actually used

Fabric Added this Week: 1 1/4 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 242 yards

Net Fabric for 2018: 537  yards used more than purchased. 

I sewed more than 15 minutes every day  - my mojo might be back.

I am ready to handstitch the binding for this old quilt today for slow sunday stitching.

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  1. It is always nice to add a few new scraps to the stash. A good deal is hard to pass up.

  2. I think it against the laws of quilting to not accept scraps. At least that is what I tell myself!

    Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  3. Sew happy the mojo is back! I lost mine for a few months this year but I am happy mine came back too. Beautiful quilt - enjoy the stitches.

  4. I love scraps and orphaned projects. I want to take them home and save them all. I think I hear some of those scraps calling your name.

  5. LOL!! I feel your pain. I really TRY not to buy fabric, but purchased a couple of lengths at quilt guild. I was also the (willing) recipient of several bags of scrap this month alone!

  6. Keeping a stash count hasn't helped me get a handle on the stash, I'm a fabric junkie. Though I am going to try really, really hard to limit my purchases this year and use a bit more to finish off a few projects. You could just count what you've ordered as this year. You know it's coming, so add it to this year and start 2019 with a clean slate. Love the quilt you were working on yesterday, so pretty! Hope your mojo is back and you get in lots of stitching time this week. Thank you for being part of the 15 minutes to stitch linky in 2018.

  7. My fabric purchasing has slowed down in the last few years but it's unrealistic to think I will not buy more. Thanks for sharing the conversation with your friend. I'm curious what's in the bag too.