Monday, January 21, 2019

good fortune- missing

I am still working on good fortune mystery quilt. I sewed these blocks with a 9 patch project as a companion. It took longer but, made it seem shorter. The only problem is, I am short one whole block. I think I have enough to make another one, but where did that pesky block go?

These are still part of an autumn quilt from My Carolina home.

We are still in a winter wonderland in Indiana, but it is 7 below - very cold

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  1. Seven degrees BELOW zero?! I remember those temps from VERY long ago, when my family lived in Minnesota and all of us kids had to be bundled into our snowsuits before we could head out to recess at school. Nothing like having your runny nose boogers freeze to your scarf... Hah! And here we were complaining that temperatures are in the twenties ABOVE zero this week in North Carolina! Stay warm and cozy, and good luck finding that missing block -- or making a new one!

  2. Your blocks are looking fabulous! Love the fabrics in the nine patches.

  3. As soon as you finishing stitching that replacement block, you are guaranteed to find the missing one. It is 7 degrees above zero here in southern Massachusetts right now and I thought that was chilly. Not too much snow yet - but icy. I finally finished putting together my Good Fortune top yesterday and don't know what to back it with, as I need to use my stash. Is yours the same size as the original?

  4. Love those scrappy 9 patches. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  5. Both projects have a very autumn vibe, love the colors. Hope you found your one missing block.