Friday, January 25, 2019

letters and words

I have been having fun making letters again. I think they are really easy. I am using the Lori Holt spelling bee book. I have really enjoyed how well it is put together, and the instructions are great.
I especially like that I can cut a few strips in common sizes and then use off of them with each letter. So, most of the sizes are common among the letters. I don't feel like I am digging around for something else, or left with unuseable scraps.

My biggest problem is I am angle challenged. And I think the pictures are a big help for someone like me.

These pieces are a bit tricky, since I need more than one direction of corner.

I am making a quote quilt and I am doing it rainbow scrap challenge style. So, all the letters I need for red in January are done.

I am looking at the pictures and feeling like I want to play the "make as many words as you can" game. I was always pretty good at that game at a shower.
How about you? haha

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  1. I love letter blocks and quilts! It's still on my bucket list!

  2. I'm looking forward to see what you do with your letters. I love words (Librarian) and am always looking for ways to include text in my projects. I used the the Moda 10" letters to create a "When life is scrappy" quilt last year (still awaiting quilting to finish) and bought Lori's Spelling Bee book. One of my fave's. Just found an old Temecula Quilts link for a 4" alphabet!

    And I LOVED your One Fish Two Fish top too!!!

  3. I'd like to play with you! I love letters, but have not done any for a long time. Your letters are so fun. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I like the letters. But I laughed at angularly challenged!