Saturday, January 26, 2019

seeing red

I sorted through my red scrap drawer and used up any smaller pieces. The bigger pieces I sorted by whether they would look good with a white background or a cream background. So far, most of the rainbow quilts I am making use a white background. I may have to challenge myself to make a cream based quilt rainbow style. Oh, I just thought of something - squirrel

I made checkerboards in red for Cynthia Brunz's design woven checkerboard. She blogs at Quilting is more fun than housework. This is the second quilt of hers I am doing for the rainbow scrap challenge. I am also doing wiggle time.

I have another project that will need 4 patches.

And I am hoping to make at the end of the rainbow, so, the red crumb blocks are made and cut for that one.

I am really grateful for the rainbow scrap challenge. Besides some really fun quilts I get to make, I have one (and only one ) neat and tidy scrap drawer.

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  1. I love all your scrappy red goodness. Thanks for this links and the inspiration ... <3 Pat

  2. Lots of nice blocks here, great use of scraps! What, only ONE scrap drawer? LOL

  3. I'm impressed with your only one scrap drawer, too! Your plans for your scrap projects are all such good ones - I'll enjoy seeing how they progress.

  4. What variety you have in your RED scrap bin!! I'll be looking forward to seeing what you will create.

  5. Great way to use up even the smallest of pieces!

  6. One neat and tidy scrap drawer sounds like a great start to the year. So many lovely blocks in the works.

  7. Great looking blocks. I of course love that you are making my Wiggle Time quilt :)

    Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!