Thursday, February 28, 2019

block swap

I am participating in a swap with 4 other quilting friends. We make for each other every month. We all do this differently. Lucy sent 3 months worth before the middle of January. She is a go getter. Linda works in Friday group consistently, meets the goal, and then, works on something else for a little while. Sue works consistently and then works ahead. She isn't stopping until she is finished for the whole year. I am not sure how Hazel does it at home, But, she is over 80 and she can do it anyway she pleases, so far as I am concerned. lol  I am a little like every one. I decide I want to make them and, I make and make and make, and, then, discover I am ahead. Then, it is out of my head for awhile, and, I work on other projects. It is so fun to receive our little packets of blocks every month. We have been sewing together for awhile, and, I could probably pick the quilter who makes each set without knowing the name. And, we are using basically the same fabrics, but, they look different from each quilter.
For our swap we are using 1 1/2 in and 2 1/2 inch fabrics. I think the real size of the circa 1880 quilt, is much smaller.

I couldn't resist the temecula Wednesday block. I cut a 2 inch strip of everything after I cut the swap strips, so it is easy to have these ready to work on as well. I have a large stash, but a small collection of civil war fabrics. So, I have to make my blocks from fabrics I am willing to cut, which narrows my selection a bit. Do you have fabrics you just want to keep as pets? It will get easier to cut I am sure.

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