Monday, February 18, 2019

good fortune - green

We decided for our "fun Saturday outing" we would visit Menards and buy some garden seeds. We have grow lights in our basement, and start a few plants indoors for our garden. From the look of outdoors, we are too early, but, we were in need of thinking of Spring and the green coming in the days ahead. Our February has been especially gloomy, I decided we would do one fun thing a day to try and stay positive.

I thought I would put Good fortune on time out for awhile, but, I found my self assembling the green triangle border. It's little what could it hurt.

My tips for adding this border to good fortune mystery quilt.

1. don't - geesh
2. I had to add 2 more triangles to every border. I needed to measure and not take bonnie's word for the size.
3. I decided I had ironed the triangles wrong. I wanted them ironed so that I could see the intersection.
4. cheat the seam allowance to match the intersection.
5. be happy with a small success rate on not losing points

6. The iron is your friend - mash it flat. mine wanted to curl

7. look at it farther away. jeepers

8. look forward to a string border that is purposely and legally wonky.
9. be glad it's over and done.

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  1. Your GF is the perfect project to keep the winter Blahs at bay. We too are looking forward to gardening and have started planning the planting. I'd like to get some cold growers in the ground in the second week or so of March. Good Luck with those borders, it's looking great!

  2. I am working on GF too. Thanks for the honest list of advises. I truly appreciate. I wasn't thinking of adding the green border but, then, what am I suppose to do with all these green HSTs? I am convinced that my border would curl too and I would have to add a block or two. Congratulations on getting your border on. I know it will give the quilt a wow factor. ;^)

  3. Yeah, those borders are So Much Work and take a lot of finagling. It's going to be awesome, though!