Friday, February 15, 2019

my tiny tuesday blocks

Great story. It has taken me this long to decide if, and how, I was going to quilt along with So Scrappy's rainbow sampler this year. I was feeling the pinch of being behind, and I wasn't sure how to envision it finished. I started looking for ideas.
I tend toward plain neutral backgrounds. I am chicken I guess.
I really liked Diann of Little Penguin's grey background.
and the prints background at  Jamie's L'fair.
and Susie's print knitty quilter.

I shopped online and added several great backgrounds to shopping carts. But, then I had an epiphany and realized I should use my stash. What a novel idea.

I decided on this crosshatch background in gray that looks print like, but also more black and white. Ha -a tribute to all three of my wishes. I had 3 yards  and Angela suggested 3  1/2  but I can make it work. right?
So I made the blocks. oh, I really like them. Oh, I will want to finish them. Oh,what if I don't have enough. I was pretty sure I had bought the fabric at Joanns, and it was a keepsake calico. I will look to see if they have any more just in case. And, then, I made 2 wrong cuts, and I knew I would be in trouble.
A trip to Joann to find there was the same fabric, but with a different dye lot and much darker. It wouldn't match at all. sigh..

Without telling you all the overthinking that went into this simple statement, I decided to go to a neighboring town and see if they had any of the old dye lot to match. Hubby said he would drive me (getting close to valentine's day) yesterday, and they had  2 1/2 yards of the same fabric. what a blessing.

The clerk checked on her computer thingy, and said the only other store in Indiana that showed having any of the fabric was in Bedford nearly 3 hours south of here.  Talk about a quilting miracle.

I think this will be a fun sampler. So scrappy will be releasing a new block every Tuesday in the color of the month. You should do it too.

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  1. I'm glad after all that you were able to find the fabric you needed! I don't know how many times I've been just the littlest bit short! It's also nice when you can use your stash!

  2. I was NOT going to do Tiny Tuesday. But this week, was a difficult one and I needed little somethings to cut and finish. Tiny Tuesdayto the rescue. I chose a white on white background. I may be sorry, but I had a yard and a half in my stash. I will have to find another white, but I’m ok with that. It will be scrappy and it will use what I have. I am all finished with the red, now to catch up with the yellow!

  3. So many great Tiny Tuesday blocks and a very nice background fabric. :-)

  4. Yay for joining in, and yay for finding the right fabric! Your choice is just lovely and will really set off the multicolor blocks. It must have been meant to be!

  5. I'm glad I could be part of your decision making! :) I like the gray crosshatch you found for your blocks. These little blocks are really fun to make - it's easy to feel like you're accomplishing something.

  6. Up until last year, I stuck with white, off white or black backgrounds, but I've been finding that gray makes a very nice background too. Love your choice for the Rainbow blocks. Glad you were able to find enough to finish the quilt.

  7. Usually the yardage requirements are quite generous, but of course every pattern is different. I tend to hoard my larger cuts of fabrics for that reason and then go scrappy with my background! Thanks for linking to TGIFF.

  8. I bet you're happy now that you've made your decision and are able to start. Thank you for linking up to the Peacock Party.

  9. Glad you had a happy ending to your fabric shortage. I am watching others quilt these but I am on a strict finish it up
    Way too many UFO squirrels in my house made by a quilting nut lol