Sunday, March 31, 2019

stash report March 31, 2019

We are caught in a time warp...

Another sale at bluprint, and I had just seen podunk pretties talk about her favorite type of fabric, and I love her quilts, so I bought these.

Stash report

Fabric Used this Week 0 yard
Fabric Used year to Date: 73.5 yards

Fabric Added this Week: 3.5 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 99 yards
net fabric: 25.5 yards bought more than used

My Christmas snowflake workshop was yesterday, and I was really impressed with the turnout and diligence of the talented quilters who spent their Saturday with me. There were 12 making the quilt and 4 observing.

Some were sitters...

and some were standers.. I am mostly a sitter, which are you?

We had 2 really new quilters and a machine sharing.

Halloween is a cute idea.

Everyone was able to make each of the paper piecing foundations before they went home.

 I was on my feet more than usual at the workshop, so this will be a slow feet up kind of day with a little hexagon piecing and a little bit of binding to do.

I stitched 15 minutes every day this week just on clean up duty. As I was tidying from projects, I'd find little bits, that I just had to sew a few minutes before I put it away. I am easily distracted from cleaning.

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Saturday, March 30, 2019

rainbow letters

This is the last Saturday of March and the so scrappy and rainbow scrap challenge color of green. I feel like I made a lot of blocks and pieces for green, but, I didn't even go to the actual green bucket. I worked with 2 1/2 in strips, 2 inch strips and 1 1/2 in strips and different sizes of squares. I have more green than I thought. And I even started a whole new quilt here.
I did several letters for the quilts I am planning to use letters.

I finished a few church window blocks from Temecula quilts.

I am ready for a new color.

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Friday, March 29, 2019

good fortune goal finish

I have finished the top of my good fortune mystery quilt. I liked adding a border that was string pieced. It meant there were no seams to match.

March is coming to an end and I have finished all my projects for my one monthly goal.  I added borders, quilted and bound the Denise Schmidt version of Grand Illusion, a quiltville mystery quilt that I am calling sunshine skies.

I quilted and bound Cactus patch which was a quilt that I made some time ago, and had not finished it. It is also a quiltville quilt from scraps and shirttails book.
This is Bonnie Hunter's quilt on her site.

I made some string pieces for another quiltville quilt called Sand castles. This is a new project for the year, so I can take the whole year. I have the papers ready, and have gathered the taupe fabrics, I can use. This was part of string frenzy book.

I made my 30 blocks for the swap I am participating in, using our version of circa 1880 as the inspiration.
Here are some I made..

And here are some I have received

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

fair and square

In this post I was trying to figure what the string blocks were that I found. I later realized, I had started fair and square without making any note of it.
After the string blocks were finished, I started making 360- 4 patches that finish at 2 1/2 inches.

Those are finished and I am slowly putting the blocks together. I am using this as my away project for Tuesday quilt group and Friday quilt group. And There is always fun to be had and slower progress.

I just love it when all the prep work is done, and I just need to start assembly. I really like Bonnie Hunter quilts for that reason. She breaks it down into pieces, and then everything falls into place. This quilt pattern can be found in her book String fling at

This is the quilt that had inspired me at Jo's country junction

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

scraptastic stars

I am not a big fan of sewing with squares. If I have a choice, I will use strips, but, I had my 2 1/2 in squares out, looking for just a couple of green squares to finish a project. I noticed what a whopping mess there was, and, squirrel, I was sorting squares. I keep them in velveeta containers I find at goodwill.

There was even more of them than I thought. What to do with them?

Melissa Corry at happy quilting shared this block and a free pdf for scraptastic stars here.

And before I knew it, I had a star. And I want to make more stars and more stars.

Oh, and I didn't find any more of the green squares that I was looking to find.

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Monday, March 25, 2019

cactus patch

Cactus patch was the first quilt I wanted to make in Bonnie Hunter's first book scraps and shirttails. I really liked the half blocks and how the half square triangles are a little wonky. The centers for each block are crumb blocks, and the colors were bright.
I already had a growing pile of crumb blocks, and, was excited for the idea on how to use them. I worked on it, off and on, for awhile, and then, it disappeared into the ufo void. The ufo void must be a fascinating place.

I have wanted to finish it many times, and there was something else more pressing, or it would get lost. I found it this time when I found a bundle of fabric I didn't remember. I had bundled potential backing pieces with it, and it had gotten folded with the pieces on the outside and the top wrapped on the inside. goofy.
This was the month I decided to make it a one monthly goal. As soon as I make the binding, it is ready for the longarm. I still have a few days to get this finished.

The cornerstones were also a crumb block.

There were 3 borders.

Bonnie says it was inspired by this antique quilt from the early 1900s. The bold colors are definitely hers.

I haven't seen very many of these out in the quilter universe. I don't know why. I think it is a great stash buster and has a great impact. I like working with shirts, they have such a nice feel to the fabric.

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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Stash report March 24, 2019

It's a miracle, but, there was no new fabric making a home here with me last week. I did buy some shirts at the rescue mission for .25 each. But, I walked away from thrift store fabric and giveaways and other peoples's least last week. I make no promises.

I am still sorting through the green scraps, and used the shortish strips to make 4 patches in 2 1/2 inch size. I used the 2 1/2 inch die to subcut into twosies.

And then there were more 4 patches for the irish chain quilt. Right now, this is my favorite part of the green color family.

Stash report

Fabric Used this Week 0 yard
Fabric Used year to Date: 73.5 yards

Fabric Added this Week: 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 95.5 yards
net fabric: 22 yards bought more than used

I have a binding to hand sew today. I love that part and look forward to feet up and working on this.

I sewed more than 15 minutes every day. The best time for me is first thing in the morning, before I feel obligated to do anything else.

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Saturday, March 23, 2019

more rainbow

Green is the color of the month at so scrappy and the rainbow scrap challenge. This week, I have been working a little on my rainbow projects. I think I have the most scraps in the color green, with the most diversity. I'm not sure all greens work well together. do you?

I am enjoying the end of the rainbow quilt. Each color is different and the fact that each "made" fabric is different makes it interesting.
After the fabric is "made" it is very simple to assemble the block. It's a great scrap buster. More on this quilt here.

I've joined two rows together for wiggle time. It is so cute.

more on this quilt here.

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Friday, March 22, 2019

sorting and sewing

With a little bit of hmmming, and hawing, and head scratching, I have put two rows of the double wedding ring quilt together. And not just any two rows. The outside row and row 2.  It looks pretty good. and it was just a question of me being very careful to double check what was next to what when I sewed.
Just because of the sheer bulk, I will join 2 rows  together first and then join 2 sets together.

Most of the week I have been sorting through my green scraps in an attempt to find some order to the scrap chaos. This was my 2 1/2 in strip bin.

This is after sorting the big pieces of strips and stacking them to order. I am not thrilled with the colors, they seem dark and grumpy.

And this is the short pieces that I decided I would just decide and cut for many of my on- going projects. It feels good to get it organized.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

grand illusion 2

In my project box for my second version of Grand Illusion mystery quilt, I couldn't find the inner border or the fabric that it was supposed to be. So it could be anything I wanted. It was supposed to be the turquoise in the 4 patch. I tried yellow, blue, white, navy, green in different variations. But, I liked turquoise the best, and I had a different fabric that is a pretty good match.

I like the way it frames the quilt and helps tone down a pretty busy quilt. I like the quilt better the farther I am away from it. haha

I am one step closer to finishing this.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019


How did I spend national quilting day?  under the longarm.  It was fine, and then it wasn't. It was a customer quilt I really wanted to finish. Luckily, hubby was able to figure out I had thread and hair? around the bobbin shaft. He took the time to clean and oil better than I usually do, and we were up and running again. It may take awhile before I am not a bit upset with my machine again. I had changed bobbins, and needle, and rethreaded it 3 times and tried to quilt the same section 4 times. I was afraid the fabric would be in shreds. But all is well now.

I am sorting through my green scraps this month for the rainbow scrap challenge and I had a chance to cut the short 2 1/2 in strips into tumblers with the template. I don't want to waste any fabric, but it is good to get the small pieces out of the strips. It just feels better.

Hubby and I did a little experimenting and we made bacon for the first time. We cured it, and smoked it, and it was delicious. And we must have done it right, since we are not dead.

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