Wednesday, March 13, 2019

4 patches

I need to make a bunch of 4 patches for sand castles quilt
step 1.  cut, and cut, and sew and sew.
step 2. throw the twosies into a box and start sewing them together.

step 3. grab a wad out of the bucket, and sew all of them together, paying no attention to color or fabric.

step 4. get bored with step 3, and decide to take one fabric and sew it together with anything else.
step 5. get bored with step 4, and pick and choose through the box for the perfect matches.
step 6. get really bored with step 5 and eat chocolate.
Step 7. repeat all the steps again. and maybe again.

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  1. such a fun idea!
    thanks so much for linking up!

  2. I just need to raid my scrap box and cut a bunch of squares and use them for leaders/enders and maybe someday have enough to make something with?

  3. "Step 5" is always where I get slowed down. I just can't help sorting and choosing the "perfect" combinations of fabrics when I really should just pick two and sew! Thanks for the laugh.