Tuesday, March 19, 2019


How did I spend national quilting day?  under the longarm.  It was fine, and then it wasn't. It was a customer quilt I really wanted to finish. Luckily, hubby was able to figure out I had thread and hair? around the bobbin shaft. He took the time to clean and oil better than I usually do, and we were up and running again. It may take awhile before I am not a bit upset with my machine again. I had changed bobbins, and needle, and rethreaded it 3 times and tried to quilt the same section 4 times. I was afraid the fabric would be in shreds. But all is well now.

I am sorting through my green scraps this month for the rainbow scrap challenge and I had a chance to cut the short 2 1/2 in strips into tumblers with the template. I don't want to waste any fabric, but it is good to get the small pieces out of the strips. It just feels better.

Hubby and I did a little experimenting and we made bacon for the first time. We cured it, and smoked it, and it was delicious. And we must have done it right, since we are not dead.

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  1. I'll be right over for some of that bacon! It looks amazing!! I have to admit I did burst into laughter at "We must have done it right since we are not dead". Thank goodness for that!

    I'm so sorry about the quilting woes. I'm glad your husband was able to figure it out. It's amazing what a minor bit of thread (and hair...LOL!) can do to a machine.

  2. I am chuckling about your standard for bacon success -- that you did it right because you're not DEAD!! Good for you. Sorry to hear of your longarm troubles; I know how frustrating that can be. Glad you got it figured out and corrected without any damage to the customer's quilt.

  3. Your bacon looks delish. You are lucky you have an onsite troubleshooting hubs. Good save.

  4. Your bacon looks amazing and I am glad you are not dead! lol. And also glad your quilting turned out alright in the end and the quilt is not damaged.