Wednesday, March 20, 2019

grand illusion 2

In my project box for my second version of Grand Illusion mystery quilt, I couldn't find the inner border or the fabric that it was supposed to be. So it could be anything I wanted. It was supposed to be the turquoise in the 4 patch. I tried yellow, blue, white, navy, green in different variations. But, I liked turquoise the best, and I had a different fabric that is a pretty good match.

I like the way it frames the quilt and helps tone down a pretty busy quilt. I like the quilt better the farther I am away from it. haha

I am one step closer to finishing this.

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  1. oh wow!
    love your project!
    thanks so much for linking up!

  2. What a lovely quilt -- it's like it's soaked with sunshine, just what we need after all this gloomy rainy weather!

  3. Beautiful, all those small pieces!

  4. That second turquoise fabric was perfect for the border! Yeah, several of the BH quilts are like that, where they're gorgeous from farther away, but a little crazy-making on the eyes up close. :) I like your colors in this one.