Thursday, March 14, 2019

snowman rug

I decided it was time to make a new rug. I've struggled with no inspiration. I just picked a pattern and started to transfer it to linen. I had drawn the pattern and enlarged it. I had it pinned and was ready to transfer to linen, and we had family for dinner, and it was scooped off the dining room table and off on an adventure.
But, I hunted through the jungle of a house, and found it, and started the transfer. I used red dot webbing and a juicy sharpie pen.
It took 2 visits to rug hooking, and, then, I was ready to zigzag the edges. It has taken much longer than I expected. I imagine just as the flowers bloom, I will be hooking snowmen. sigh...

But aren't they cute?
They make me smile.

more 4 patches
I have 100 pressed and 100 unpressed and 160 to go.

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